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Hi there! Chad and Christa Cooper here! The proud owners of Odd Duck Coffee. We’re going to share our story, but we feel it’s important for you to FIRST hear the story of the ORIGINAL owners of Odd Duck Coffee.

Meet Teddy and Andrea Klopf! The original Odd Ducks. And this is their story, and their mission, and this is how Odd Duck Coffee came to be….

“Some of our favorite memories since we married were those morning cups of coffee together, whether they be from the balconies of exotic vacation destinations or in our own backyard. Until a trip to a seaside café in Zihuatanejo in 2006, we had always enjoyed the coffee experience more than the coffee. After happening upon crop to shop, fresh roasted, fresh brewed coffee, we discovered our mission… Everyone should experience exceptional coffee, learn about its cultivation and the people involved.

Ted roasted his first green beans using a hot air popcorn popper he had modified. Although it didn’t produce the best beans, this method did allow for him to gain an acute awareness of the sights, sounds and smells of roasting.  He upgraded to larger and more sophisticated roasters, working to discover the potential of beans from around the world. In May of 2016, we began selling fresh roasted coffee beans from the back of our vehicle at the local Farmer’s Market in Wichita Falls, Texas. Within a year, public demand led to the opening of Odd Duck Coffee’s Roastery & Tasting Room downtown Wichita Falls. And yes, we did have an odd duck. And if we’re honest, we’re a couple of odd ducks as well.  On a mission. Discover your favorite Cup!”

There you go! Chad and I, being odd ducks ourselves, immediately fell in love with Teddy and Andrea and the drive behind their coffee love and coffee story. When they asked us to be a part of Odd Ducks Coffee and have a hand in opening their storefront, we couldn’t say no! It’s been two years since we met them, and one job, one coffee roasting education, 500,000 cups of coffee, and an unrelenting friendship later…they gave us their blessing to be the new owners!! Words can not express our gratitude to be a part of the Odd Duck Coffee story! We share the same love and same mission as they do and we are so excited to carry on their mission, to help all of you discover your favorite cup of coffee at a fair price FOR a fair price!  


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